The recent frequent use of terms “ecological” and “sustainable” has created a certain confusion within the world developer’s community. Therefore, it is important to redefine what are the sustainability elements of our initiative, as opposed to un-precise adscription to the fashionable field. We follow LEEDS definition of it and are aiming at reaching excellence of Platinum qualification:

•Innovation & design of advanced prefabrication system.

•Key importance of location and linkages with urban and natural environment.

•Sustainability and strengthening the quality of the urban environment.

•Water conservation practices, especially in inland projects.

•Energy efficiency and in most cases autonomous energy generation.

•Almost fully recyclable materials and drastic reduction of construction waste.

•Improvement of indoor air quality, interior gardens, etc.

•Awareness and education through different means.

All the state-of-the art technological experience, both European and US, will be applied to a system of light prefabrication to be used, that could reduce the time of construction to a 50% and be 75% recyclable.  When needed (as in examples of conventional steel structures will be used. A highly experienced international construction contractors will work closely with the Spanish technological platform. All power generation will be autonomous and produced by GLORIN GROUP specialized units. All these waste-to-energy facilities, combined with BIPV – Building Incorporated Photovoltaic, Vertical Gardens and other advanced ecological features will create a very special and attractive environment for living, leisure and work. A new quality of life will be offered.

Our business principle is to build a profitable and successful multi-country operation managed from Viglas Castle Center (where Viglas Forum 21 is located) and designed in Spain by a specially created technological platform (Spanish Technological Platform), that will develop the engineering, procurement and partial construction of the program.

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October, 2019

Amalio de Marichalar talks about Numancia at the Vivarium Novum Academy in Frascati in Rome:

December, 2018

Dear Colleagues! Please allow us to introduce a new real estate investment project in Spain: a hotel + golf club located on a private island right in the heart of Spain. This hotel was built and operates fully in the framework of Sustainable Development concept. You can find the presentation for this project in the PROJECTS section of this website.

November, 2017

The 27-th of November was held a cultural event in Soria at the Site of Numancia (Garray, Soria) on the occasion of the 2150th Anniversary of the resistance of Numancia (133AC-2017). The Act was chaired and starred by Maestro Plácido Domingo who interpreted passages of the literary work of Cervantes "Numancia". 


First Conference “Sustainability, Social and Environmental Responsibility - New Approaches and Technologies” took place on 21-23 November.

September, 2017

The Viglas Castle 3rd  Aniversary took place on 15-17 September (see the film in EVENTS/ANIVERSARY VIGLAS CASTLE). Acts of the tribute to the flag and military parade inside Numancia on 23 September (see films in EVENTS/NUMANCIA 2017) . 

May 14, 2017

Inauguration of “Viglas Forum 21” was held  in Viglas Castle, Slovakia. The Inauguration was attended by delegates from Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Belarus, Russian Federation, UK, Ukraine.  Please see  Report on page "Inauguration".


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