Culture is the best moral inheritance of society, which becomes the backbone that rebalances economic development, social development and the necessary defense of the environment. It is really important to have agreed in the last years, the introduction of a fourth pillar in the concept of sustainable development and hence already assumed as a capital element, a cornerstone of sustainability. We are proud to present you our two most important historical projects "NUMANCIA" and  "VIGLAS CASTLE"  put in practice all these mentioned Humanitarian   values.

Numancia, a Celtiberian city that resisted more than two thousand years ago Roman domination, today represents a cluster of values that not only recognize its long history as the last bastion against Roman domination on the Iberian peninsula, but the homage to the principles of freedom of a people who wanted to resist Roman domination to preserve their deep values. After 20 years of successive fights and 10 consuls that attempted to take Numancia in 133 BC, it was finally the general, Scipio the African, who managed to make it succumb after 11 months of siege. He paid tribute to the value of a people who knew how to die for their freedom rather than to be surrender and from that moment Rome created a myth and a universal legend recognizing the history and the "gesta numantina" on a global level. Its historical landscape, its environmental value, coupled with the historical and value of a people in defense of freedom, constitute one of the symbols of the best cultural heritage of humanity.


East of Zvolen in central Slovakia stands above the village Vígľaš eponymous castle. The castle originally was built in  Middle Ages by Templars.  Some time later it fell into the hands of the royal house of Anjou, where King Robert with his son Louis I the Great built the castle residence. King Sigismund of Luxembourg had the castle rebuilt into a hunting lodge and in 1408 established there the Orden of Dragon. Than castle was under king Matthias Corvinus, Vladislav II. Jagellon, and later the castle came into the hands of feudal families. During the 2nd World War II was damaged, largely burned and fell into disrepair for several decades. The ruins of the castle were solt by the municipality to private investors in 2007, when it was launched a project to renovate the castle under the supervision of experts from the Monuments Boards. After extensive renovation in September 2014 held an opening ceremony and the castle was opened to the public.

Viglas Castle today is the center for hystorical, cultural and political events  of Central Slovakia and Europe


October, 2019

Amalio de Marichalar talks about Numancia at the Vivarium Novum Academy in Frascati in Rome:

December, 2018

Dear Colleagues! Please allow us to introduce a new real estate investment project in Spain: a hotel + golf club located on a private island right in the heart of Spain. This hotel was built and operates fully in the framework of Sustainable Development concept. You can find the presentation for this project in the PROJECTS section of this website.

November, 2017

The 27-th of November was held a cultural event in Soria at the Site of Numancia (Garray, Soria) on the occasion of the 2150th Anniversary of the resistance of Numancia (133AC-2017). The Act was chaired and starred by Maestro Plácido Domingo who interpreted passages of the literary work of Cervantes "Numancia". 


First Conference “Sustainability, Social and Environmental Responsibility - New Approaches and Technologies” took place on 21-23 November.

September, 2017

The Viglas Castle 3rd  Aniversary took place on 15-17 September (see the film in EVENTS/ANIVERSARY VIGLAS CASTLE). Acts of the tribute to the flag and military parade inside Numancia on 23 September (see films in EVENTS/NUMANCIA 2017) . 

May 14, 2017

Inauguration of “Viglas Forum 21” was held  in Viglas Castle, Slovakia. The Inauguration was attended by delegates from Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Belarus, Russian Federation, UK, Ukraine.  Please see  Report on page "Inauguration".


Alexander Solonko

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